In offering this tour, we have made arrangements with suppliers who we do not employ or directly control, and who are listed in your travel itinerary. We do not own or operate the hotels, golf courses or transport services, all of which are provided by suppliers who are independent contractors. Moreover, we have no control over environmental factors that you may experience during your tour, such as illness, weather conditions, crime or governmental or civil unrest.

Therefore we cannot accept, and we expressly exclude and disclaim, all and any liability for the action or omission of those persons or parties, whether or not involved in your tour arrangements, who we do not directly employ, oversee or control. We will, however, provide you with good faith, reasonable assistance in resolving any disputes that may arise between you and any supplier with whom we have specifically arranged or requested to provide you with any service within the scope of your tour.

In return, you agree that we will have no liability for inconvenience, injury, damage or loss due to delays, changes in schedules or itineraries or other circumstances beyond our control. This disclosure is intended to summarize the limits of our responsibility, the terms and conditions of which are subject to, and superceded by, the terms and conditions relating to the same which are more fully set forth in the form of a disclaimer contained in our final written agreement that you are required to acknowledge and agree to.