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A perfect trip

Since 1994, Irish Golf Experience has created hundreds of unforgettable golf trips to Ireland. Here, in their own words, is a small sample of what our clients had to say about their Irish golf experience.

"My Irish golf adventure was thrilling! I got to play a lot of golf this time, unlike my previous visit 15 years ago with my wife and daughter"

"I cannot find one word to adequately describe my Irish Golf Experience. There are far too many fond memories for that"

"...The nightly Guinness non-pareil & the singing in the pubs are spiritually cleansing! The sense of place that Ireland shares in the world is undeniable!"

"Our guide, Brendan, a 5 handicap with 3 daughters gave life to the nooks and crannies and tiny towns alongside Ireland's two-lane roads."

"Shall I begin with the virtually flawless weather? --No rain during seven rounds of golf! Or should I stray to the wonderful eateries and pubs, or to the ancient ruins and historic sites?"

" Standing on the side of a mountain, looking down a lush green expanse of fairway with the Irish Sea in the background, then sinking a putt in the middle of a serene Irish countryside, as a shepherd tended his flock nearby"

"I was particularly struck by the effort each golf course took to ensure the fairways, greens and personal service were better than anything you might ever have experienced. And that carried through many other aspects of Irish life as well."

"In between, there were enough memories to fill any golfer’s scrapbook."

Everyone on the island was warm and welcoming. It was certainly an experience that bears repeating."